3 Reasons to Choose Snap

Increase your sales

  • Snap Express
  • Snap Checkout
  • EDGE Marketing Program
  • 53% of your customers are turned down for traditional financing due to bad credit.

    Snap grows your business by offering three primary advantages over our competitors:

  • 1.Closing more sales
  • 2.Increasing invoice amounts
  • 3.Driving more traffic to your stores and website
  • Incremental Revenue

    Snap focuses on building successful, long-term partnerships which drive revenue to our merchant partners

    We work with businesses of all sizes. We welcome the opportunity to connect about supporting your business to drive incremental sales :

    Drivers of Performance

  • Running Snap first
  • Subprime consumer concentration near stores
  • Prominent display of Snap POP promotional materials
  • Optimizing the Omnichannel experience for your customer


    Never fill out an application again.

    SNAP EXPRESS allows you to SAVE TIME and assist multiple customers at once.

    A new way for your customers to get what they need, faster.


    Question's answered

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    Snap Checkout for eCommerce

    Lease-to-Own Financing for Online Customers

    Focus on running your business while we drive more sales with our seamless Snap Checkout

    Our track record says it all

    How it works

    Get Pre-qualified in a Snap!

    What is Snap EDGE?

    Snap's EDGE program boosts business by generating incremental sales and revenue from a steady flow of new and returning customers. It's FREE and only Snap has it.

    Your Revenue Boosting Program

    Snap has helped over 30,000 businesses across the country build incremental sales using our EDGE program, generating over $1 billion in sales.

    EDGE Leads

    With each approved customer, we build your EDGE Leads queue, a base of approved and loyal customers ready to shop with SNAP BACK and SNAP ENCORE!

  • SNAP BACK invites your Snap customers to use their remaining approval amount.
  • SNAP ENCORE pre-approves your Snap customers in good standing for a second lease
  • Snap’s online Store Locator refers new customers to you whether you have an online presence or not. Your store page is the easiest way to reach new customers at no cost to you!
  • 35% of 2020 sales volume came from returning customers

    Merchant focused customer acquisition

  • Campaigns encouraging customers to spend leftover funds in your store  
  • Seller access to pre-approved customers for outreach to close sales
  • Outreach to preapproved customers and customers with successful payment history for repeat business 
  • PPC, Social, SEM and digital marketing campaigns to target new customers

  • Real People. Real Life.

    Because our customers come first

    Snap is an amazing service they have come through for me on two separate occasions when no one else would finance me. I would recommend snap to anyone. Whether it’s car repairs, something for your home, or even just to treat yourself, Snap has got your back. Only thing missing is that I wish Snap would report to the three major credit bureaus are on Time payments which would help us establish a good credit rating. That is the only con, but by far it does not diminish the great service that Snap is providing. Thanks again Snap!!!
    Jose A. - Trust Pilot Review


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